Welcome to WOW Now

The WOW Now Program allows you to...

  • Thank your clients, prospects and employees
  • Give them instance access to YOUR personal assistant service
  • Send them an instant text message right to their cell phone
  • Collect your customer's information for future marketing efforts

It's Always Easier to Retain Customers Than to Acquire New Ones

In today's highly competitive business environment, the customer service you provide and the customer experience is paramount to your success. It is crucial to be top-of-mind when your clients need your service again. Staying in front of them can be a challenge. With so many advertising channels bombarding your clients on a daily basis, losing customers to competitors can be a real problem if you do not stay connected with them.

WOW Now offers an exciting and innovative new way to stay in front of your customer, to connect with them on a daily basis and to impress them with their very own team of personal assistants …all in your name!